08 December 2006

Put Your Man to the Test

A new campaign encourages women to test their partner’s blood pressure with a simple home test.

The ‘His Heart is in Your Hands’ campaign urges women to reduce the numbers of men who die each year from a heart disease or stroke. High blood pressure has virtually no visible symptoms resulting in more deaths and severe disability following Stroke than any other disease.

A simple home test using a Blood Pressure Monitor people can find out in just a few minutes if theiy or their partners are at risk and would benefit from medical advice and treatment.

The Blood Pressure Association, who supports home testing, says “measuring blood pressure at home with an accurate machine can be very worthwhile, it can give you more control over your blood pressure and be reassuring.

Blood Pressure Monitors are simple and easy to use at home. An inflatable cuff is put around the arm and a digital reading is given within just a few seconds.

Various Online Medical Equipment retailers who supply monitors to hospitals are now offering easy to use Home Monitors that are validated by the British Hypertension Society.

A list of recommended models/machines for home use is available at www.blood-pressure-monitoring.org/

On the site you will also find a full guide about how to measure blood pressure properly eg blood pressure is best tested when relaxed and calm.