22 February 2007

Omron M6 Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron, the leading manufacturer of blood pressure machines have introduced an excellent machine for people to use at home - the Omron M6 blood pressure monitor. With all the reliability of previous omron models the M6 has the largest digital display on the market, a supremely comfortable fitting cuff and even has the technology to detect if movement whilst taking the reading has affected the accuracy.

Learn more about the Omron M6 or buy it for less than £53 at The First Aid Warehouse


Pasty Muncher said...

I'd just like to say that I changed to an M6 last month (my trusty old M4 really was tired) and its so comfy and easy to use.

Anonymous said...

Yeah is real good Pasty Muncher stikes again

CreditDoc said...

My father has M6. He says: "Good choice, fellows."
I don't need it for now, luckily.

Humanus said...

All you need is love and nature.