11 April 2007

Choosing and Buying a Blood Pressure Monitor

Search for the phrase "blood pressure monitor" and the results returned are daunting. Shopping Comparison sites dominate the results mixed in with heavy going academic/medical sites.

It is important that the machine you choose is accurate and you have full instructions how to use it. A really easy to follow yet thorough instruction fact sheet "measuring your Blood Pressure" is available from the Blood Pressure Monitoring web site.

When you have selected a model it is a good idea to buy it online as the prices offered by Medical Supply Specialists such as First Aid Warehouse or Medisave are often much cheaper than in the high street.

It is highly recommended on the Online Shopping Guide that you use a dedicated credit card when buying online.

Again shop around for a credit card that offers low interest and wherever possible and interest free period. Mint online now offer a very good deal on for new cards and offer purchase protection should your card become the victim of online fraud.

Buying a blood pressure monitor online is no different to any other online purchase - be informed, be sure of the merchant and use your card safely.