16 July 2007

Omron M10 - Latest Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitoring for active prevention! Introducing the Omron M10 Blood Pressure Monitor.

Omron one of the leading manufacturers of blood pressure monitors that are suitable for people to use at home have just released their newest model onto the market.

The Omron M10 takes home monitoring to the next level - it combines all the previous features that made the M6 and M7 leaders in the field but also allows you to connect it to your pc (as if 84 memory readings weren't enough)

Additionally the M10 monitor features special tracking memory for morning and evening measurements and has weekly averaging for important long term tracking - this will give your GP useful information to help control your blood pressure.

Omron have also included a very clever function - in addition to being able to track and store two peoples readings, at the flick of a switch you can offer the machine to friends or family to try out. This way they will see how easy and simple the Omron M10 blood pressure is to use - fully automatic and with intellisense technology the inflation of the cuff is never painful.

For full specifications, details of 3 year warranty and British Hypertension Society validation status visit FirstAidWarehouse who now haxe the M10 in stock or see an independant review of the omron m10 here