29 November 2007

Broadband solution to online blood pressure records

Microsoft - heard of them somwhere before - are entering the healthcare industry with their Healthvault. HealthVault will be an online system in which you will be able to view, your complete health records.

Users will be able to view information from medical devices such as blood pressure machines and body fat monitors. For example those using the latest digital blood pressure monitors such as the Omron M10 can connect to the internet by broadband and will be able to upload their results through their pc directly over the internet whilst taking the readings.

With sensitive medical information wizzing down the line it becomes increasingly important that you choose a trusted, reputable broadband provider such as British Telecoms in the UK who not only offer cheap broadband but fast transfer speeds with additional online privacy and security which is reassuring - "Patients need to be convinced that electronic personal health records (ePHRs) are safe" a group of leading academics have warned.

Healthvault have the following statement on their site: "Whether you are searching for the most up to date treatments, refer to existing health records, get test results or monitor physical readings Healthvault provides the control you need.


Kazza said...

Thats what I call information at my fingertips!

Kazza said...

Does faster broadband mean safer internet?

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