24 June 2008

Off with big bags - down with high blood pressure

Carrying a large heavy bag over the shoulder compresses the veins and causes an increase in your Blood Pressure within ten minutes it is claimed by the anti-heavy-bag-brigade.
The article chuck that bag on Healthbot continues to explain that heavy bag wearers should consider giving your massive over shoulder bag the push to help lower blood pressure - and changes in blood pressure readings are almost instantly noticeable.

Wearing a heavy bag compresses the veins in your shoulders and increases your BP in as little as 10 minutes! So imagine the kind of damage you could be doing during an all-day shopping marathon.

Solution? A smaller, less heavy bag or using a thicker strap at least 2 inches wide would help distribute the pressure form the bag more evenly.

Another gem from Easy Health Tips - encourages "sticking your buns out" to lower high blood pressure.