09 July 2008

Mobile Phones Enable Self Management of Health

Experts at Leeds University are developing a mobile phone that checks its owners health.

Following the report that Omron is targeting online health record customers by developing a sinister sounding " special relationship with microsoft health vault" we were delighted to read that innovative products and systems for blood pressure measurement and data storage in the UK

Recognising that early detection of conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes can be helped if identified early and that the well being of patients is greatly enhanced when they have more control and self management a team at the University of Leeds has been aiming to design integrated equipment and technology which allows us to monitor and control our health care, via highly portable devices such as mobile phones, PDA's, laptops and home PCs and using the internet the collected data is linked to medical health care services.

Many physiological conditions can be monitored by an individual and now this invention will allow consumers to take regular measurements of blood pressure, heart rate and even glucose levels without the need to go into a surgery or to take cumbersome monitors with them when they travel.

Traditional blood pressure monitors or a special 'bracelet' measures blood pressure and stores the data which is transfered to your mobile phone via bluetooth connectivity. Using the latest mobile broadband connections the data can be set to a remote server, where medical practitioners can view and interpret the data.

If there appears to be a problem especially a critical situation the medical team can phone you immediately to suggest action.

A spokesperson said " a mobile phone should not be seen as a replacement for GP's but it will mean patients need to visit surgeries less for routine checks and help them take more control of their own health care."