05 September 2008

Omron M10IT Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

It has been over a year since the first article about the launch of the latest blood pressure monitor from Omron -the Omron M10-IT was published here (September 2007) we thought it would be of value to our visitors and anyone considering buying this machine to have a round up of user reviews.

The Omron M10IT Blood Pressure Monitor has enjoyed enormous success in the home user market and is increasingly being seen in surgeries where it begins to be chosen as a replacement for the M6 Comfort. The Omron M10 has been developed to include all the well rated features for the M6 and include further sophisticated functions whilst remaining easy to use.

The popularity of the Omron M10 machine is also helped by the competitive prices found online - with some retailers offering the model for under fifty pounds.

Omron M10 User Reviews

Generally there is consensus that the Omron M10-it blood pressure monitor is a well made machine, easy to use, accurate and excellent value for money.

However some users expressed their dissatisfaction with the "One Size Fits ALL" Comfort Cuff.
The preformed cuff is designed for Medium 22cm to Large 44cm arms but fails to serve those with small arms - although a minority in the adult population consideration for older users has to be given - as they will particularly be looking for a comfortable easy to use blood pressure monitor but are likely to have thinner arms.

It was also noted that cuffs from previous Omron Monitors will not fit the Omron M10.

Most people highlighted the extended memory for storing readings of multiple users as they found this especially helpful when visiting their Doctors.

Doctors agreed that the way the Omron M10IT monitor takes an average of three readings made them feel comfortable about using the dat gathered by their patients at home.