21 October 2008

Lower Blood Pressure - Part 2 - Keep Fit

In the previous post it was suggested that driving a safe vehicle such as the Freelander has benefits of lowering blood pressure - which caused a visitor called Land Rover to leave a comment - which we welcome as it shows the message is getting out there.

This time on Blood Pressure Info we'll look at methods of lowering blood pressure that also have the bonus of improving all round heath. Keeping fit is without a doubt an important part of anyone's healthy lifestyle - not only is the cardiovascular exercise helping to strengthen the heart but more vigorous exercise will improve respiration by encouraging deep breathing.

We all know that sport and exercise are important methods of developing all round fitness but sometimes work and family commitments prevent taking part in these activities on a regular basis. It was the second comment from Mr Land Rover that took us to nothing interesting
on which we saw a feature about playing the latest wii games to help build strength and agility - especially the new game - wii fit which hopefully will encourage event he most lazy families to join in the fun and play together.

These not so cheap wii games like the sports bundle and wii fit are in great demand - for those who are exasperated fruitlessley searching this thread on the wii fit at moneysaving expert provided a link to a funny video that parodies the wii fit promotion video. If nothing else watching this and laughing helped lower our blood pressure - we love the snippet - "why spend $3.19 on a hula hoop when you can spend 300 on a wii"!

Get fit for free - walk, use the stairs, do housework, clean the car or go for a run.