17 November 2008

Reduce Stress Part 3 - Sounds

In the modern world most of us live in the luxury of silence in which to meditate is rarely found.

This doesn't mean that meditation isn't possible for those who want to naturally help lower their blood pressure. For many years the sale of "mood music" has been popular - sounds of the sea, rainfall or birds singing all help to cover other modern day noise such as traffic or neighbours music.

The problem with these is they have traditionally been played through speakers and have been known to irritate others. help is at hand with the latest range of portable music players.

In years gone by the classic cassette tape Walkman gave a varying sound quality - low batteries and cumbersome headphones didn't help, but today's mp3 players can give a listener their personal choice of music in high quality, privately.

iPods have become the must have personal music player and we were grateful to this Ipod guide for its helpful information about the four types available.

Which ipod?

Of the four types of iPods available it is suggested that ipod nano or ipod shuffle are most suitable as they are very small and compact but have enough storage to keep a wide selection of mood music that you can ply while meditating.

For many years ancient cultures have used meditation as a way of clearing the mind and enabling a relaxing state of mind during which breathing slows and blood pressure falls.