14 January 2009

Blood Pressure Travel Tips

Things to consider in the New Year if you have high blood pressure.

January is traditionally the time that many people think about booking holidays or trips to forget about the miserable weather in the UK.

Many questions are asked at this time of year about what to consider if you are planning to travel and have high blood pressure so we are delighted to inform that the publication of two new information sheets about holidays, travel and blood pressure.

Managing blood pressure on holiday looks at the practical things you can do and arrangements to make when going on holiday or travelling abroad and have to treat high blood pressure

This is accompanied by a helpful article about travel insurance for people with high blood pressure. Many people wrongly believe that they cannot get travel insurance if they are diagnosed with high blood pressure. In the same way that the myth that they will lose their jobs should they declared diagnosis took a while to correct we think that the information here should help clarify the position and allow people to make holiday plans and

Although it is essential that you tell your insurers that you have high blood pressure there are only a few jobs and activities that are prohibited in the insurance cover you get

Resperate available in the UK

Something else positive is the announcement that Resperate - a device that is intended to help lower blood pressure naturally will soon be on sale at Medi Save

Its been a long time coming so lets hope that thorough testing has shown Resperate to be a useful tool to use in conjunction with other treatments to help lower high blood pressure.

Resperate is a portable device and you will be able to take it with you on your travels to keep up biofeedback exercises that should slow your breathing with results in a lowering of blood pressure.

Another top tip from the Holiday guide is to consider buying a cheap Lloyds blood pressure monitor rather than risk losing or damaging a more expensive device whilst travelling. Both Resperate and cheap blood pressure monitors are available online at Medical Supply Saver Stores and can be delivered to your door.