15 July 2009

How to Lower Blood Pressure - Five Top Tips

How to lower your blood pressure

Five top tips to avoid or reduce high blood pressure:

1. Cut down on salt – eat no more than 6g a day (a teaspoon). Around 70 per cent of the salt in our diets has already been added to the food we eat, so watch out for hidden salt in bread, cereals, processed meats, cheeses and ready meals.
Can lower BP by 2-8mmHg
2. Eat at least five, ideally seven to nine, portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
Can lower BP 7mmHg or more
3. Be as active as you can – even moderate physical activity like brisk walking, five days a week, will help get your pressure down.
Can lower BP by 4-9mmHg
4. Find and reach your ideal weight.
Can lower BP by 5-10mmHg per 10kg lost
5. Keep an eye on alcohol – no more than 2- 3 units a day for women. One medium glass of wine (175) is equal to 2 units.
Can lower BP by 2-4mmHg

A guide to blood pressure levels

What is "normal blood pressure"?

Less than 120/80mmHg – blood pressure is at the ‘optimal’ level so follow a healthy lifestyle to keep it that way

121/81 – 129/84mmHg – blood pressure is ‘average’ and you would benefit from lowering it

130/85 – 139/89mmHg – blood pressure is on the ‘high side of normal’ and should be lowered

140/90mmHg or above – if readings are consistently at or above this level you have ‘high’ blood pressure, take action now to lower it .


Debra said...

MY husband is diagnosed with high blood pressure so we invested in a good blood pressure monitor. He checks his blood pressure daily, first thing in the morning after getting out of bed and he made a few lifestyle changes, on his diet and exercise and he stopped smoking. His blood pressure has changed dramatically back to normal for more than 2 yrs now. We recommend a lifestyle change.