20 November 2009

Chips for Health | Chip on Shoulder

Got High Blood Pressure?

try a chip on your shoulder?

We may literally have to shoulder the responsibility of taking our medicines in the future. Pharmaceutical company Novartis has found a microchip on the shoulder may be the perfect way to remind people with high blood pressure to take their pills.

Researchers trialled the system on 20 people who were taking blood pressure tablets. Each person put a microchip patch on their shoulders, and tablets also contained a tiny edible microchip of their own. The chips in the tablets told the shoulder chips when they had been taken.

When a person forgot to take their tablet, the shoulder chip sent a text message to their mobile phone - including the latest pay as you go phones - to remind them that their next one was due.

Over the six-month trial 80 per cent of people remembered to take their tablet every day, compared with 30 per cent before the trial started.


HIO Golf Doctor said...

I do not think this is a good idea...what if signals get crossed and your chip texts me?
Why not just find a way to live a more healthy life so you can live with out taking pills?