17 December 2009

Healthy Christmas Snacks

Healthy Christmas

Following on from the illuminating suggestions about healthy alternatives for a healthy Christmas dinner here we offer our seasonal ideas for healthy festive snacks

Did you know?

  • There are almost 6g of fat in a single 37ml shot of Bailey's Irish Cream?
  • Two cans of Stella Artois contain 442 calories (the same as 1.5 Mars bars)?
  • Just one segment of a Terry's Chocolate Orange has 46 calories and 2.5g of fat?

Instead of: Dry-roasted or salted peanuts

Why not: Brazil nuts, peanuts and walnuts in their shells. There's no added salt and trying to open them will give you a work out too!

Instead of: Closed shop-bought mince pies with cream or sugar

Why not: Open-topped home-baked mince pies (less sugar and calories) with apple slices or clementine pie.

Instead of fun food why not no-fun food?

Keep your powder dry and your blood pressure low - seasons greetings!