24 February 2010

Women Shopping and Blood Pressure

In the Mood - Checking out Fashion, Living and Blood Pressure

A recent programme on LivingTV suggested that what you wear not only affects your mood and confidence which is common knowledge but in turn those effects are beneficial to general health.

This may be the answer to why shopping for some women is an addiction - in the same way people become dependent on exercise for the feel good factor of endorphine release.

Lingerie and Dresses

Shopping - especially clothes shopping can be a double edge sword though.


Lingerie can set the heart racing - the elation of finding boutique lingerie shops offering stylish underwear that looks fabulous on the lingerie manequin can easily turn to disappointment when the outfit is unwrapped and worn back home.


Dresses too can be a source of terrible frustration - with bulges and creases in all the wrong places - the pressure builds to find the perfect fit. Fitting room lighting and mirrors have long been known to enhance the appearance of dresses and ladies outfits. However when the dress is revealed in natual light the shadow effect can be deeply dis-dressing.


The ultimate shopping rush for many women - footwear fashion has been likened to addictive chemicals - the need for new heals knows no bounds.