30 April 2010

Hulacize For Heath Hula Hoops Are Back

Hurah for Hula Hoops - no no the salty processed potato snack but the hip swinging hoop that has been a popular playground toy for many years.

Hulacize for Health

Now adults are joining in the craze - spinning and gyrating during demanding cardiovascular exercise - great for the lungs and heart - hula hoops are back.

It has been well reported that fitness exercises show an improvement in blood pressure readings - so for the price of a coffee and cake you can have your own hoop and start to hula hula for your heart and see your readings change

06 April 2010

Burj Tower Dubai Flights Heart Racing Jump

This incredible stunt performed from the newly opened Burj Tower in Dubai is enough to set the heart racing just watching it. Imagine the strain put upon the base jumpers cardiovascular system - not least gettng to the very top of the world's tallest building but then leaping out to freefall back to the ground.

Security at the tower has been stepped up to prevent further attempts of this adrenaline rush - but with the ever increasing numnber of flights to dubai it is expected that a mass jump from the Dubai tower will be inevitable soon.