19 May 2010

Healthy Eating And Food Preservation

Eating's a necessity, not an ideological statement or a fashion statement. The rise of food preservation technology coincided with the Allies winning the Second World War (fed with tinned food) then getting postwar fat (fed with tinned food) and losing the undeclared ongoing commerce war with lean and hungry Asians, Africans, Indians. Building 'burger palaces in the USA's competing nations, then expecting the locals to follow our example and become overfed and sedentary was the subtext of the Reagan administration.

What food is good for you and what is going to kill you seems to change weekly. Last week a Subway sub was best, but now its bad because its made with lunch meat. But now head back to McDonalds. That Quarter Pounder with cheese has 1190 mg sodium, whereby a 6" Blackforest Ham with cheese has 1295 mg. Not a whole lot different actually.

The fact of the matter is BOTH have WAY to much sodium. If its not salty enough I know how to fix that easily, but its sure hard to take out the sodium if I don't want it. Even the rolls have over 400mg sodium which is crazy.