05 August 2010

Salt in Restaurant Food

Hypertension - all the medical data has for years, pointed to salt, being overweight and stress contributing to high blood pressure.

The doctors lay this on you, usually during a high stress office visit, in a medical environment, while the GP has a white coat on. It is astounding to discover the amount of people who are on drugs for hypertension, prescribed during the office visit, or worse yet, during a physical. A good suggestions is track the blood pressure readings over time, and see if you can help to control it. Salt and sugar are everywhere, and almost impossible to measure, unless you pour either, yourself.

Restaurants thrive on salt so people enjoy the food. No-one has any idea what or how much salt is added.

Salt is a major issue and a defininte problem for everyone. Everyone today could stand with a significant reduction in both their salt and their sugar content.

The restaurants today are amongst the biggest offenders.