08 January 2011

Happiness is a Healthy Heart - Video How to Keep A Heart Healthy

A popular New Year's resolutions is to get fit which means maintaining a healthy heart.

Video How to Keep A Heart Healthy

In this Video How to Keep A Heart Healthy we offer five ways to keep your heart strong and healthy.

Ways to keep the heart in good condition.

Read labels. Doctors say look at what you are eating, especially when it comes to trans fats.

A healthy heart means healthy arteries, and healthy blood pressure. When arteries become clogged from cholesterol and fat, they shut off blood flow that's needed to keep the body running and the heart pumping. When blood pressure is high, it can weaken the heart and other organs.

And, try a little laughter.

Researchers still say that laughter can sometimes be the best medicine, especially for your cardiovascular system.

music can have similar effects as laughter some researchers have found. Listening to your favorite music opens up your blood vessels, in the same way laughter can some studies have shown.

Exercise of course. A brisk daily walk of at least half an hour can also make a big difference to your heart's health.

Keep in touch with friends. Some doctors say their studies have shown that being socially active reduces of stress, and losing stress can reduce your risk of heart disease.