14 September 2016

Blood Pressure Testing Week 18 - 20 September 2016

As you expect Jeremy Clarkeson to begin the new series of NOT TOP GEAR on AMAZON...And we are back!

Time ticks along an this long forgotton blog deserves a new entry.

Blood Pressure Testing Week

Know your numbers is the call of the Blood Pressure UK healthcare charity.

During this week 12 to 18 September lots of what were once called "Pressure Stations" are open to the public and giving free checks on their blood pressure.

Find out about the campaign here and learn about what the readings mean, how you can change them and for those who are thinking about meauring their blood pressure at home here is an up to date list of BHS approved monitors available

It is sad to learn that one time big supporters of the Testing Week, Lloyds Pharmacy no longer take part in all their shops throughout the UK however they do offer blood pressure checks in store to customers throughout the year and have an affordable home monitor available to buy,

So what's stopping you find out what your blood pressure is this week?

You can find your nearest free blood pressure check by entering your post code or town in the box below.

Find your nearest free blood pressure check

Find your nearest station

To find your nearest Pressure Station, enter your postcode or town and click 'Find nearest'!