18 December 2007

Salt - easy on the white stuff this Christmas

It is high time that the popular television cookery programmes presented by celebrity chefs took notice of the clear health message about salt and its effect on blood pressure. Organisations such as Action on Salt whose information is based on research of leading cardiologists and nutrition experts are raising awareness of the impact that salt in our diet has.

Surely pressure needs to but placed where it will have a mass audience - would it be so hard for Nigella et al to hold back on the generous sprinklings of salt - if they truely were great cooks they would allow the natural flavours to prevail and help reduce high blood pressure and associated heart diseases.
Make a New Year resolution early - cut the salt this Christmas.

For detailed references see evidence of salt and its effect on health, salt and suggestions to help people reduce salt in food

29 November 2007

Broadband solution to online blood pressure records

Microsoft - heard of them somwhere before - are entering the healthcare industry with their Healthvault. HealthVault will be an online system in which you will be able to view, your complete health records.

Users will be able to view information from medical devices such as blood pressure machines and body fat monitors. For example those using the latest digital blood pressure monitors such as the Omron M10 can connect to the internet by broadband and will be able to upload their results through their pc directly over the internet whilst taking the readings.

With sensitive medical information wizzing down the line it becomes increasingly important that you choose a trusted, reputable broadband provider such as British Telecoms in the UK who not only offer cheap broadband but fast transfer speeds with additional online privacy and security which is reassuring - "Patients need to be convinced that electronic personal health records (ePHRs) are safe" a group of leading academics have warned.

Healthvault have the following statement on their site: "Whether you are searching for the most up to date treatments, refer to existing health records, get test results or monitor physical readings Healthvault provides the control you need.

05 November 2007

Omron HEM-711DLX Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-711DLX Blood Pressure Monitor

A new model from Omron, the HEM-711 DLX Monitor makes the important task of taking blood pressure readings at home comfortable, affordable and simple. The HEM 711DLX is available from Amazon.com at the amazing price of $73.95

Omron, renowned for its top quality automatic home blood pressure monitors now offer the HEM-711DLX. Omron's latest new model operates easily with quiet, one-touch operation and comes complete with the amazingly comfortable Comfort Cuff

Features of the Omron HEM-711DLX Blood Presure Monitor

  • Speed - You will take readings up to 2.5 Times Faster than other monitors
  • 1-Touch Automatic Operation
  • Simple, Silent, More Comfortable Readings
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Intelli-sence Technology for Accurate,
  • Easy to read large digital display
  • Advanced Diagnostics - ComFit Cuff with SigmaCuff Technology
  • Includes AC Adapter and Carry Case

Instruction Manual is illustrated and written in both English and Spanish

With its expandable ComFit™ Cuff, the HEM-711DLX easily and comfortably fits both normal and big arms esuring clinical accuracy using IntelliSense technology which automatically checks that the right pressure is used to quickly measure and record accurate readings.

This monitor has an extra large digital display which is easily read. The HEM-711DLX includes advanced diagnostics detecting irregular heartbeat as well as standard metrics like systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

For those who like to keep a record of their readings the HEM-711DLX 60 measurements of memory with date and time stamp will be able to do so for at least two months.

Omron upper arm digital blood pressure monitors

This monitor is currently only available now in the US. Omron have many models approved by the British Hypertension Society - M6, M7 and the M10-IT widely availble in the UK. You can check prices of the latest models of available in the UK at savebuckets.com search omron blood pressure monitors

10 October 2007

Ellie Precious lends support to health awareness campaign

Online PR professional Ellie Precious volunteered her online PR skills to help the work of leading Blood Pressure Awareness health care organisations during their campaigns to encourage people to 'know their numbers'.

The annual campaign has grown to be a regular event for many pharmacies, occupational health teams and a multitude of other supporters who volunteer their time and equipment to check the blood pressure of members of the public for free.

During a series of short training session Ellie was able to highlight the importance of getting important healthcare messages across clearly and accurately online.

Ellie shared top tips about how to prepare a well crafted Press Release and how to distribute it effectively through online newswires hopefully grabbing the precious attention of relevant online and traditional media editors who will pick up the story and promote your message further.

It was suggested that by embracing web 2.0 technologies - social network sites and user interaction, peer reviews and recommendations can play a vital role in any online PR exercise.

By using all the channels available - video sites are now able to promote messages effectively - any organisation or business can distribute their message to a wide audience quickly and economically. A relevant example would be this clip - how to measure your blood pressure which combines easy to follow instructions with links to other useful resources for more information about blood pressure and monitoring it at home.

If you would like to know more about online PR you can contact Ellie via her Linked in pages - Ellie Precious

04 September 2007

Omron M10-IT Blood Pressure Monitor Best Buy on Internet.

Latest Blood Pressure Monitor: Cheap Omron M10-IT Blood Pressure Monitor

Developments in blood pressure monitoring reveal that readings taken before lunch are more helpful in the evaluation of an individual's hypertension and the subsequent treatments and lifestyle changes needed to control and lower blood pressure.

At the forefront of distributing BHS validated blood pressure monitors to both health professionals and the private sector, Medisave is a medical supplies company that identifies the growing public need and brings the Omron M10-IT Blood Pressure Monitor to the marketplace at a low price.

White coat syndrome/hypertension burdens medical professionals and often leads to unnecessary anxiety for the patient and added time and expense for busy surgeries.

Many Cardiologists recommend monitoring blood pressure at home - a relaxed environment to gain better accuracy of their measurments. Technological advances means BHS (British Hypertension Society) validated blood pressure monitors validated to an AA rating (the highest available accuracy rating) are now available online at a much less than you would expect to pay in a pharmacists shop.

The latest in the professional Omron automatic upper arm monitors, which also proves incredibly popular with home users due to its ease of use, is the Omron M10-IT This fully automatic blood pressure monitor features special tracking memory for morning and evening measurements, a user switch allows to change from user A to B, and computer connectibility for full printout from your computer or sending your data to your healthcare professional.

Benefits of Using an Omron M10IT Blood Pressure Monitor include:

  • Memory capacity, 84 memories per user
  • Auto mode - automatically takes three measurements
  • Large three fold display (Sys/Dia/Pulse)
  • Clinical validation (International protocol and BHS pending)
  • Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor
  • PC connectability
  • Intellisense technologyspeedy measurement
  • Dual sized comfort cuff (M-L 22-42 cm)
  • Date and time stamp memory
  • Irregular pulse detection

Key Points

  1. Previous blood pressure monitors from Omron to this M10 - IT feature some of these benefits, this model is revolutionary in its ease of use and combination of each valuable feature - particularly special tracking memory and extensive multi user memory function.
  2. Intellisense is a technology which has been utilised in previous models. However, to combine all these features in one model including the PC compatibility is a unique benefit to professional and patient alike.
  3. Intellisense allows a much quicker reading as your blood pressure is scanned as the cuff inflates. This means no painful over-inflation and super fast results.
Medisave is well known for bringing exceptional brands such as Omron to the marketplace at incredibly low prices. Although the Omron M10-IT is likely to retail at nearer £100 in the high street, the consumer can benefit from excellent prices, full professional back up, guarantee period and sales advice when purchasing from Medisave.

21 August 2007

Spreading the Blood Pressure Message across the Blogosphere

Like all good researchers I use Google Alerts to highlight any activity on the web related to blood pressure. Recently I set the alerts to include blogs that refer to blood pressure monitors and measuring blood pressure - well if I blog on and on about blood pressure then who else does?

A post on Peacefairs blog about blood pressure testing reinforces the opinion that its of great benefit to keep an eye on measurements and emphasises that taking readings at home is often more accurate and of greater help to you and your GP than blood pressure measurements taken in the surgery.

Most other blog posts seemed to be "scrapde articles" from elsewhere on the web but I guess the more freely this information is available the better for our health and wellbeing.

I now hope to find out lots more about healthy eating as it appears there is a big link between bad diet and high blood pressure.

10 August 2007

Blood Pressure - latest News

A quick search of authority News sites - BBC and Times Online shows that research into blood pressure - the causes, prevention, monitoring and control continue around the world.
Differing opinions cause confusion.

In this article http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/6266256.stm it is suggested that chocolate will help lower blood pressure but fails to highlight the detrimental effects of fat and sugars

Elsewhere http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/6203255.stm we learn that alcohol consumption is another aid to reducing blood pressure - great news for all the drnkers who've been terrorised by the health police for many years. Is it only a matter of time before smoking is associated with lowering blood pressure and maintaining a healthy heart?

A serious concern is the effect of stress - not necessarily stress itself but the lifestyle that often accompanies stress - poor diet, lack of exercise the BBC report on it here http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/5132210.stm and more there is more specialist information relating to executive stress and raised blood pressure here

16 July 2007

Omron M10 - Latest Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitoring for active prevention! Introducing the Omron M10 Blood Pressure Monitor.

Omron one of the leading manufacturers of blood pressure monitors that are suitable for people to use at home have just released their newest model onto the market.

The Omron M10 takes home monitoring to the next level - it combines all the previous features that made the M6 and M7 leaders in the field but also allows you to connect it to your pc (as if 84 memory readings weren't enough)

Additionally the M10 monitor features special tracking memory for morning and evening measurements and has weekly averaging for important long term tracking - this will give your GP useful information to help control your blood pressure.

Omron have also included a very clever function - in addition to being able to track and store two peoples readings, at the flick of a switch you can offer the machine to friends or family to try out. This way they will see how easy and simple the Omron M10 blood pressure is to use - fully automatic and with intellisense technology the inflation of the cuff is never painful.

For full specifications, details of 3 year warranty and British Hypertension Society validation status visit FirstAidWarehouse who now haxe the M10 in stock or see an independant review of the omron m10 here

26 June 2007

Cheaper Blood Pressure Monitors with Google Checkout

Great news if you're considering buying a blood pressure monitor. Both Medisave and Firstaidwarehouse have limited time offers for customers who spen £30 or more online using Google Checkout - they offer a £10 discount off the credit card transaction through "checkout". With the latest Approved British Hypertension Society Models like the Omron M6 and Microlife 123 you can almost feel the pressure falling with these fabulous deals on accurate blood pressure monitors.

04 June 2007

How to Measure Blood Pressure Video


This video demonstrates how to use a blood pressure monitor properly

This Video shows clearly how to measure blood pressure with a blood pressure monitor. It is an easy to follow video about home monitoring that clearly shows how to measure blood pressure using an upper arm automatic digital machine.

Video: How to use a blood pressure monitor

If a picture paints a thousand words then videos punctuate and distribute them.

Accompanying is a free fact sheet "Measure blood pressure properly" available from Blood Pressure Organisation
Another nice easy to follow video how to measure blood pressure with a blood pressure monitor

11 April 2007

Choosing and Buying a Blood Pressure Monitor

Search for the phrase "blood pressure monitor" and the results returned are daunting. Shopping Comparison sites dominate the results mixed in with heavy going academic/medical sites.

It is important that the machine you choose is accurate and you have full instructions how to use it. A really easy to follow yet thorough instruction fact sheet "measuring your Blood Pressure" is available from the Blood Pressure Monitoring web site.

When you have selected a model it is a good idea to buy it online as the prices offered by Medical Supply Specialists such as First Aid Warehouse or Medisave are often much cheaper than in the high street.

It is highly recommended on the Online Shopping Guide that you use a dedicated credit card when buying online.

Again shop around for a credit card that offers low interest and wherever possible and interest free period. Mint online now offer a very good deal on for new cards and offer purchase protection should your card become the victim of online fraud.

Buying a blood pressure monitor online is no different to any other online purchase - be informed, be sure of the merchant and use your card safely.

27 March 2007

Blood Pressure Monitors from First Aid Warehouse

The First Aid Warehouse has re-launched its new web site and offers a wide range of medical equipment for sale online. It now stocks over a dozen blood pressure monitors validated by the British Hypertension Society.

They give full descriptions of the various types of monitor available and offer different cuff sizes so you can be sure that you are getting accurate readings ast home.

Prices of these recommended blood pressure monitors are on average 35% less than on the high street and post and packaging is reasonable. Payment by all major debit and credit cards is secure with their online shop. If, when you receive the machine you decide you don't want it there is a full return and refund (back onto original card) policy with no quibble.

22 February 2007

Omron M6 Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron, the leading manufacturer of blood pressure machines have introduced an excellent machine for people to use at home - the Omron M6 blood pressure monitor. With all the reliability of previous omron models the M6 has the largest digital display on the market, a supremely comfortable fitting cuff and even has the technology to detect if movement whilst taking the reading has affected the accuracy.

Learn more about the Omron M6 or buy it for less than £53 at The First Aid Warehouse

05 February 2007

Asda join BPA in raising awareness

In the run up to Valentine's Day, the Blood Pressure Association teams up with ASDA to run an early Know Your Numbers week from 1-7 February.

We are encouraging everyone to love their hearts by knowing their blood pressure numbers and taking action to lower their blood pressure.

Everyone can do this by having a quick, easy and painless blood pressure check and making healthy lifestyle choices.

Readings will be handed back to you on a credit card size report that you can keep.

During the event ASDA customers will receive special credit card sized handout with the BPA's tips on lowering blood pressure and can have free blood pressure checks at selected stores.

Staff from Fitness First will also be offering fitness advice at selected ASDA stores and giving customers the chance to win free gym membership. Click on the links above to sign up for the BPA's Free Guides to living a blood pressure friendly life and to search for ASDA stores taking part in the event.