26 January 2008

More Monitors Approved by Hypertension Society

New models and improved and wrist monitors validated by BHS

Up until the very end of 2007 only around fifteen models of blood pressure monitors had achieved British Hypertension Society accreditaion. The "chosen few" were from three Maufacturers - Omron, A & D Instuments and Microlife.

During the first quater of 2008 many more machines have been added to the list of BHS approved monitors.

Some are simply modifications of existing validatd models - such as the Omron M6 with new improved Comfort Fit Cuff and the A&D UA 767 Plus (Memeory Plus)

Interesting to see a selction of Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors appearing - against the published advice of the Hypertension Society and BP Association Guidelines whose concerns about their accuracy should be reduced with the improved technologies used in these machines. The Omron R6 and R7 wrist blood pressure monitors are an ideal solution for those who find using upper arm machine difficult but who would still like to take their own readings.

Boots - the high street chemist - now boasts its own brand of machines are on the list - they are however on investigation Omron machines and have been tested for accuracy.

Six models from Spengler have appeared. Unknown to the Blood Presure Info blog the only reference I find on the web is a mention in a British medical journal BMJ report about clinical validation of blood pressure measuring devices. Nor can we track down any suppliers for the Spengler machines maybe they are old style sphygs that require a stethoscope

A wide selection of all the current validated blood pressure monitors are available online a Medical supply specialists Medisave or the First Aid Warehouse.

If you would like to watch a video clip about using blood pressure monitors properly follow this link "how to measure your blood pressure"