29 February 2008

Omron M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron M6 Comfort - Leading Blood Pressure Monitor

Last year Omron introduced the m6 blood pressure monitor to its range of upper arm digital machines along with the M7 which included a large cuff. Omron have discontinued manufacturing the M6 machine and released the upgraded Omron M6 Comfort.

Customer feedback and online sites which encouraged customer reviews of the blood pressure monitors they had bought and were using highlighted that consumers were sometimes torn between choosing the M6 Comfort or the Omron M7 - both now featuring a large comfortable cuff option. Although the Omron M6 was launched as a new model it was able to continue to carry the British Hypertension Society A/A clinical validation earned by its predecessor.

A review on Medisave - "I am delighted I chose the M6 Comfort monitor - it has all the benefits of the larger cuff but is also A/A validated plus it has the irregular heartbeat and average functions unlike the M7. This version is the special comfort cuff version of the Omron M6. This unique pre-formed cuff is extremely easy to use and is more comfortable than the regular soft cuff. It has an arm range of 22-42cm"

Omron have combined the best of both worlds and discontinued the M7 leaving the Omron M6 Comfort blood pressure monitor as the leading machine not just for home use but increasingly used in doctors surgeries -

The Omron M6 Comfort can be purchased for £55 online at Medisave payment through google checkout or major credit card.